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Amazing people who really care. Sean is a great person and is very clear with the process.

Cheo M.

Had a good experience with Sean Bina's office. They handled my traffic violation case very professionally and I was happy with the positive outcome. His secretary was also very pleasant and helpful.

Ivan A.

I always use Sean Bina regardless of the situation, big or small, and he has handled all of them with care and professionalism! He has always relieved a-lot of stress off my shoulders. I always refer all of my friends and family to him and they all have been very happy with his services!

Michael H.

Mr. Bina is a fantastic attorney and an incredible individual. My brother and I have hired his services on multiple traffic violations and have never been disappointed. If you are in need of an attorney, give his office a call. You won't be disappointed.

Omid E.

Had my initial discussion regarding my case with Mr. Bina today. He laid out my options for me and discussed what he could do for me in a non-rushed, no pressure discussion. Even if you're apprehensive about employing an attorney regarding your case, I'd recommend discussing with him.

David R.

I was new to LA and got a couple traffic tickets. People said that I wouldn't be able to win the red light camera case, but I found Sean Bina on Yelp and I called him. He had me come in to meet with him and told me he would take my case. He won both cases and even went to court for me! I will definitely go back to him should I get another ticket (hopefully not!).

Richard A.

Sean is great! I spoke with him about my red light camera ticket and he was really clear and honest about my options. I felt really comfortable talking with him and could tell he really did care to let me know what was in my best interest- without trying to get me to hire him at all! Honest, clear, and simple. Call him!

Laura A.

After I got in my accident ( other drivers fault) I called my insurance gave them the other persons insurance info. It took my insurance person 3 times to locate the correct phone number for the "General Auto Ins". I talked to the other insurance company and they started telling me that it is going to take a min of 30 days to even gather the information. Long story short I called Sean Bina after another client of his referred me to him. After talking with Sean (he let me know how difficult of an insurance company that was to work with) he guided me through this process with painless ease. Sean took care of everything and all I had to do was show up. He won my case!!!! I would refer everyone to him! Thank you so much!!!

Rachael B.

I thought Gabriel Avina was the last honest lawyer in LA. I was wrong. I wanted a second opinion regarding my 22450a violation, so I called Sean because he had outstanding reviews; albeit few. I talked to him and step by step he was honest and forthright. God bless Sean Bina...If I was in big trouble, like a DUI or something, I would definitely call Sean.

Richard O.

Sean is a very helpful and professional attorney who represented me in an auto accident case. He guided me through all the steps and provided invaluable legal advice. I'm very satisfied with the settlement.

Panda M.

I got one of those red light camera citations and not having ever needed a lawyer before, turned to Yelp to see who I could reach out to about fighting it. I spoke to a few lawyers about my options (including Gabriel Avina) and went with Sean because he was the most responsive, the easiest to talk to and he had the most reasonable rate. God willing I'll never need a lawyer again for this kind of thing, but if I do, I'm running back to Sean! He made me feel really comfortable and the process was so easy with him, he was able to get my citation dismissed in about a month. Really patient and trustworthy guy, I've referred one of my friends to him who also got a red light cam ticket.

Shivani J.

I received a two point misdemeanor that would have really hurt my driving record and insurance premiums. I have called every single traffic lawyer you can find and read 100's of reviews before picking Sean Bina.

First thing that happens when you call most traffic lawyers is they try to intimidate you to think you're absolutely screwed without them. This allows them to jack up the price. Sean played ZERO games and was 100% real and upfront. He knows the court system inside and out and has no need for BS. Immediately he recommended which actions to take and details like which dates to set trial; he knows the system cold!

His rates are incredibly competitive but good rates mean nothing if you don't perform. Well he performed and then some. Lawyers told me the best case scenario is a drop to a 1 point violation and that's if I'm lucky. Sean worked his ass off in the arraignment and was able to get my case dropped to a ZERO POINT VIOLATION non misdemeanor! Meaning the violation will have absolutely no impact on my driving record and I just have to pay a fee.

tl;dr I can't recommend Sean Bina enough incredibly competent, professional, and thorough.

Avi S.

This guys is the BEST. I got one of those red light tickets when i was on vacation in LA. To my surprise it would cost $500 if i was found guilty. I didn't even know you could fight these. I was referred to Sean and he got the whole thing DISMISSED. He is responsive and effective and reasonably priced. What else could you ask for from a lawyer!

Adam D.